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Friday, September 6, 2019

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

Hello readers,

Do you use Facebook? Oh, common what stupid question I am asking. But do you use Instagram? Maybe some people use it and maybe not. But the reality is that from the past 5-7 years, Instagram went popular as a rocket went to the sky. 

Please read from the last, There is a surprise for everyone.

Do you know nowadays Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users? And according to a report 60-70% of people open Instagram every single day and even multiple times. So check out 7 Best Instagram free tools for increasing your followers.

You can market your blog, website, products and much more through Instagram.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that owns 1 billion monthly active users. Marketing your products, website or anything through Instagram is called Instagram marketing.

Why you should try Instagram Marketing?

As I earlier told that Instagram is a new hub of Digital marketers. They are selling millions of products through Instagram. You can do it too. You just need to understand the basics and some advanced knowledge.

According to another report, 30% of Instagram users buy that product which they saw on Instagram and 10-12% of people buy it immediately under 24 hours as they saw it.

How can you market through Instagram?

There are two ways to market your listings through Instagram.

1. Free method -- Here you don't have to pay a single penny for marketing, but you need very much hard work, smart work, and patient. You need to post regularly, use more pro hashtags and grow your followers. There are very many chances that your followers buy that product which you are selling.

2. Paid method -- Here you don't need to be waste your crustal time. Just start advertising on Instagram and select your target audience and Instagram will market your product to your target audience according to your budget. 

But not everyone can afford a paid method. So here I have brought 7 tools which will boost up your hard and smart work and help you to increase followers and they all are free tools so you don't even have to pay a single penny.

So let's get started...

1. Repost

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

So the first one is Repost, as its name we can understand what this tool should be done. It is made for reposting the content in your Instagram account. As how many times
You have seen an amazing post on Instagram and wanted to post in yours? Then this tool can help you there.

You can easily report anyone's content in your account but don't forget to give credit to the original one, you can also tag them in your post.

You can read a full review on repost here.

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2. Iconosquare 

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers


So the next one is Iconosquare, Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics tool which helps you to track all your data and help you to do what is best for your account.

After connecting your account, Iconosqare can track your most engaging posts, most engaging stories, the best time for posting, your follower's details, your best hashtags and so many more.

Iconosquare is not fully free. It gives you a 14- free trial but after that, it charges. You can sign up with different emails so you can get 14 days of free trial for every new sign up so you can enjoy it for free.

But if you want a 100% free alternative for Iconosquare then you can read out this article.

3. Hootsuite 

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

It is another very popular tool for Instagram. Nowadays so many social media platforms are available. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and so many other. But handling all of them is so tough. 

So here you can use Hootsuite, Hootsuite allows you to track all of your social media in a single dashboard. You can bird eye view every single of them. You can not just even track them but also engage with your followers and give their reply. 

So your response time will also increase. You can trial it for 30 days and then you have to take anyone of their plans but you can use it for free by making an account with different ids. 

You can also check out some free alternatives for Hootsuite.

4. Snapwidget 

This tool is very important if you are a blogger or you have any website. You can add your Instagram account to your blog with lots of customization. 

This tool will show you all the details on your blog. You can customize according to you and place anywhere you want in the blog. 

You can read a detailed article on Snapwidget here. 

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5. Stories ads

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

So let's move to the next one. The next one on our list is Stories ads. Who does not like to post stories? Almost everyone loves it. But sometimes creating stories can be so time is taken and so boring. 
So this tool is made for creating very awesome stories. 

This tool provides you very different templates for your stories and you can edit them for your comfort and use. So you don't have to start from scratch. 

You can check its full tutorial and review here

6. Auto hash

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

 Auto hash is also a very useful tool for Instagram. As we all know hashtags play so much important role in Instagram but sometimes finding the right hashtags can be so annoying and time taking. 

So here you can use auto hash, just upload the picture you want to post and it will automatically suggest you some hashtags which you can copy from one click and paste in your Instagram post which will help you for increasing your followers. 

You can read a full detailed review on auto hash here

7. Buffer

7 Best Instagram free tools which will increase your followers

Now the final and most useful tool in our list is buffer, I am sure you have heard this name before. posting regularly in your Instagram account helps you to gain new followers and also connect you to regular followers. 

So you can schedule your single image post or single video post with buffer and It will automatically post it for you. 

It also has two plans free and paid, so you can use their free plan but with some limitations. Check out the full review on the buffer.

So these are 7 Instagram tools that you can increase your followers and grow on Instagram. Which tool you liked the most please share with me in the comment section? Also very soon, I am bringing an article for how to gain more followers fast so If you want to gain more followers then please subscribe to my newsletter so that when I publish my article, you will get notified... 

Now the surprise is - Comment below how many followers you have on your Instagram and also drop your Instagram profile link, I will follow every single.

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