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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to Get Monthly 10,000 Visitors Without SEO! New Bloggers Must Read! TeckyMantra

Hello friends and new bloggers, 

You came here after watching my title " Get 10,000 Monthly visitors", then you are at very right place. 

Here I 1will give you some tips and tricks for "How you can increase your traffic?", which you can use for getting more clicks on Adsense or more sales on affiliate programs or any other work. 

First of all, I will tell you that you can't get traffic in one or two days, it's a process If you follow it regularly and honestly. 

Here I will tell about some ways and methods which can follow and If you follow them properly then you will start getting good results 101%. Here I will mention some unique ways which you will not get anywhere so make sure you read the full article and subscribe to my blog. 

              So let's get started...

Ways To Get Amazing Traffic 


1. Use Quora

 I'm sure you guys definitely heard about Quora, if not then I told you that this is a question answer website. Where people can ask any question about anything and people who have good knowledge about that topic answers for those questions.  

Quora has great traffic that you can't even imagine. For example, if you search anything on Google then 8 out of 10 times you will see in the first page of Google. If you use quora very tactically and strategic then you can generate unlimited traffic from there and a bonus point is that traffic will be healthy, which means they will be interested in your article so your sales and ad click possibilities will be rise very much. 

 How we can generate traffic from Quora?


 Follow these steps for getting traffic, no matter which is your niche and category. 

  • Go to Quora
  • Search for your article matching title. For example- If you want to write an article about "How to lose weight" then search 'How to lose weight'. 
  • Then you will see some questions asked by people for those keywords. 
  • You can answer them but make sure you do not spam( don't answer more than 3 questions at the same time, you can take 30 minutes to 1-hour break).
  • Your answer should be more than 2-3 paragraphs and attractive. 
  • Then put your website link under the paragraphs. 
  • Do this for 6-7 days and you will notice your traffic is increasing. 

Yes, you should read and hear very much about facebook. That share your links on Facebook and other social media then you can get traffic. But that works only for them who have a big following community. 

So how can you get traffic even if you don't have a single friend? 

I am telling my own used method which will 101% works. But you should be patient and honest about that. 

 How to get traffic using Facebook properly?


Follow these steps to get high-quality traffic from Facebook. 

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Search your niche topic. For example- If you are writing an article about "How to make money online" or any other topic then search on facebook 'make money online'. 
  • You will see many groups, pages, and posts. 
  • Go to groups and join 30+ groups. 
  • Then If you post your article link then obviously no one will read that.
  • So post an attractive line or question. For example- 'Do you want to make 1000$ just by sitting home then comment below and I will teach you in free'.  
  • Then you will notice that people are starting to commenting on your post. Then if someone comments in your post then share your article URL with them. 
  • They will 100% read your article and you will get the desired traffic. 
  • If you post daily 2-3 groups then you will easily get 100+ visitors daily. 
  • But make sure you don't spam here too otherwise Facebook will block your URL and your account.

 3. Mention Relevant websites in your article 

You did not understand what I mean? Let me explain.

As you heard that Backlinks are so necessary and helpful to rank an article. But here I talk about linking. 

Check how Kelan & Britteny made 300,000 monthly visitors with this tactic. 

How to get traffic from Linking to websites?

 Follow these steps to get traffic. 

  • Go to Google.
  • Search about that you want to write the article. For example- If you want to write an article about android games then search for top android games and you will see some websites which already wrote an article about that and ranked on page one on google.
  • You scroll down and check page 2 and 3.
  • Then visit those articles and link to your articles about them.
  • That means you gave a backlink to them in your website. 
  • Then write your article and email them.
  • That I really liked your article about Top android games and I also written at same topic but a different article. I have linked to you in my article. Please check it and if you like then please share it. It will also increase your website traffic.
  • Trust me they will definitely share your article and you will get traffic. 
  • If you email 20-30 people then you can imagine how much traffic you can get. 

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4. Your Article Title 

Did you ever search anything on google? What a joke right! Obviously, everyone searches their need on google. But did you noticed that you can't see images on website link? You just see the title, article link, and meta description. 

So that means the main focus is to make an attractive title. Because if someone search anything and your article got ranked then the most important thing will be your title. If your title is very attractive then people will click and your view per click will be very high, so google will promote your article. 

Here's are some example:-

Now suppose you have searched " how to make money online" and you will get some results. Now think and tell me which website you will click now. Here's comes the power of your title. 

You can check Location Rebel's this post to check how attractive blog posts look likes. There he mentioned amazing blog title ideas you can check. 

You also should check Michael's this article for getting knowledge about how you can write your blog post in an attractive way. 


So here I mentioned 4 unique and different ways to get good traffic. I'm sure if you will use them correctly then you will notice the change. 

You can also check Karen's successful blog where she makes millions of traffic every month. Yes, your traffic can't grow in one day or one night. You should keep hard work and you will definitely get the reward. 

Comment below if you have any issue about blogging or any suggestion for improvement. If you liked our post give it a share. 

Thank you for reading. 
You are amazing and Believe in yourself.

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