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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Best Free Web Hosting For Lifetime for Your Website in 2019

Hello, friends(Bloggers),
Today we have technology everywhere. The growth of social media and the Internet is amazing. Now everyone has knowledge about Blogging and there are almost 1 billion blogs on the internet now and this number will increase very much in 2019. Many people started there blogs or wanted to start blogging but they don't have enough money to spend in expensive domain and hosting. So today I bring you a very amazing free web hosting which you can try as a beginner and when you get some experience and money then you can move to a paid hosting. 

 Obviously, this is a free web hosting so you will not get every feature of paid hosting but I personally tried this hosting and taken reviews from other users also. So I can surely say that this is the best free web hosting platform where you will get amazing features. 

So let's talk about it...  

Best Free Web Hosting in 2019 


What is web hosting? 

First of all, let's talk about what is web hosting? So web hosting is a platform where you keep your website and where your data store. We can understand this with a simple example -

 If you having a meal then the food items you eat, they are the websites but in which plate or vessel you put your food that is called web hosting. As you know having a meal on a plate is necessary, so having a web hosting is also necessary for running your website or blog. 

So I hope you will understand about web hosting. 

 Feature of 000webhosting


I am talking about which is really very nice. It claims that it is the best free web hosting. The most famous magazine Forbes has claimed that it is truly the best free web hosting. 

So let's check what features you will get in that. 
The main features of this hosting are ---

  • 1500 MB of disk space
  • 100 GB of data transfer
  • PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
  • cPanel control panel
  • Website Builder
  • Absolutely no advertising
Now let's analyze each feature.

 1500 MB of disk space

What is disk space? Disk space is how much data you can store on your website, like Images, videos, text or any file. This is quite sufficient for if you are a new blogger. You will get two websites slots here in free mode and if you need more then you can buy a premium plan which I never recommend you to do. 

100 GB of data transfer

You will get 100 GB data transfer limit which is good. 100GB is a very huge size and I don't think in beginning you need more than 100GB size. 

PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions and
cPanel control panel

If you have good knowledge about coding and HTML language then you can create a PHP site with your own customized. But which is for advanced people who had knowledge about coding.

Website Builder

If you don't know coding then you can simply use its website builder where you can easily create a stunning website or blog just by some clicks. You can create a website on WordPress. Which is very easy to use. You will get thousands of tutorials on YouTube. 

Absolutely no advertising

All free programs must contain head blasting ads. But 000webhost is almost free. Here you will not see ads which will get comfortable. 

Now let's check out some cons of 000webhost

1. Sometimes If you upload more than a 5MB file on PHP then it can occur error because of its servers But if you use WordPress then you will not face this issue. 

2. The one thing that can be improved that is its speed when you use its hosting then your website speed is quite slow. But it's not a big issue if you are a beginner.


So if I will talk about overall reports, then 000webhost is very popular and helpful web hosting and It is the best in free model. I strongly recommend it for new bloggers.

So don't waste your time and money. Start with 0$ and grow your blog. 

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You guys are amazing and thank you for reading...

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