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Monday, January 28, 2019

7 Ways to Get Paid by Watching Videos and Tv Shows! Earn Money Online! Teckymantra

Hello guys,

I have covered many articles about earning money online. You can check them out. They will be very helpful to you. 

But people have requested me that "Is there any way to make money online by watching videos or playing games online?" So answer is yes! You can actually make money online just by watching some videos and playing games online

Many people will think that why anyone will pay for watching videos? So answer is in this article, read and share this article. Make sure you read the whole article, coz I have shared some tricks which you can use for additional income. 



1. Swagbucks

This is a very popular website for earning money. Swagbucks is working from many years and pay people for watching videos, completing surveys, web surfing and many more. If you work daily 30 minutes on this website then definitely you will earn a good income from here. 

 Earn daily 5-10$ from this website. You can earn more by referring others to this site. 

2. AppNana

This is a very good app for earning some money in free time. AppNana helps you to earn some pocket money for your small expenses. 

You can earn money by watching videos, downloading other apps and inviting your friends.  Appnana has 10 million + downloads in play store which proves that this is a very real app for earning and many people are earning from it. 

You can earn from 5-50$ weekly by this app as much time you give. 

Use referral code v26704267 for a free 5$ bonus.  

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3.  Paid2YouTube

As like its name is giving some hint. Yes, here you will get money by watching youtube videos. You just have to watch some videos showing there and you will get money for them, you will also get additional money for liking, commenting and subscribing channels. 

Is not this awesome? Stop viewing youtube, try this. 

You can also so a business with it. I will cover another article for that. 

Go and try this.

4. Inbox Dollars

Next one on our list is Inbox dollars. Another trusted and legit company for a long time. Here you will get money for filling surveys, solving captchas, watching videos and trying some offers.

Here if you work daily 20-40 minutes then you can easily earn 10-50$ in a week and even more depending on your work. 

5. VeeU

This is also a very good android app for earning money. This works worldwide. VeeU allows you to make a very good income just by watching short and funny videos. 

Every time you will daily check your app you will get points. When you will watch videos, comments and share you will get points. 
Which you can redeem through Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards.

For more earning you can invite your friends and have fun. 
Use referral code VRTEI5 for a free 5$ bonus.  

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6. SlideJoy

Next one is SlideJoy. This is also an android app and also for IOS devices. Here you will get many options for earning money. 

You can earn by watching videos, downloading some apps and filling surveys and one best way for earning money is opening lock screen. You can earn money every time when you will open your phone. 

Cool? Yes, I can surely bet that you opened your phone at least 50-100 times per day. Then why not get paid for that. If you will tell people that you are earning money for everytime opening your lock screen then they will not believe you. So invite them and you will earn extra money for inviting. 

7. Perk

Let's move into our last app which is Perk. You can sign up using email or Facebook. Here you will get perk coins which you can redeem for vouchers and Play store gift cards.

You can earn money by wheel spins, watching some tv shows and downloading apps. This app is very cool and you will surely like it. 

Thousands of people are earning good money from it with fun.   


These are very real and popular websites and apps. You will never get any payment regarding an issue. All are worldwide so you can do work from any country in the world. If you work daily and honestly then you can surely earn 100-500$ weekly. 

So thanks for reading. Comment below do you have tried any website or app for online earning and if yes then which? This will help me to deliver some accurate articles in future for you. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming articles notifications. 

Happy Earning and keep Reading...