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Sunday, December 30, 2018

7 Amazing Tech Gifts which you can give this new year to your loved ones

Hello friends,
 As we know that New Year 2019 is coming and just two days left in end 2018. So many people will give a gift to your loved ones. So today I have brought "7 Amazing tech gifts which can give to your loved ones" and became them happy. Every item listed here is less than Rs 1000 so in can easily afford them.  So let's get started...

7 Amazing tech gifts   

1. Wooden Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

7 amazing Tech gifts which you can give this new year to your loved ones


This is a very amazing gift for New year 2019. Nowadays almost everyone uses the laptop so this table is specially designed for putting the laptop and use it very easily. Here it has two cooling mechanism which will save your laptop to getting overheated and here is a mini drawer so you can put your small things like pen drive, card reader, DVD etc here. But you can also use this table to many other places like for eating, for reading, writing etc. So try this for gifting your loved ones and make them happy. 

2. VR Headset


 Nowadays almost everything came into Virtual Reality. Your favorite shows, movies and sports everything available on VR. So don't just watch them also, feel them. Gift a VR headset to your loved ones this New Year and make them an extra reason for smiling. 


3. SanDisk Ultra Dual  USB Connector


 This can be a very useful gift in this New Year. Coz this is the latest 3.0 USB connector which will also work on Android phones and tablets. Now you can easily share any files to your computer from your mobile device or one mobile to another. Here you will get 32 GB storage. It is very low weight and very useful. 

4. GeekGoodies plastic cup warmer

How many people of you drink tea or coffee during your work or your study? The answer is very high. Coz today no one has time to drink tea or coffee at sitting in one place. So this gadget can help you very much. This is an electric cup warmer. Just plug this and warm you're any drink. Don't drink your tea or coffee cold anymore.

5. Tech Bluetooth Smart Watch


There are lots of smartwatches available in the market which are very high prices. But this is a cheap smart watch which you can easily afford. Yes, this is not as much as reliable but at least it is better than classic watches. You can do much work from it. You can control your mobile devices. Manage your calls and camera. Track your sleep and daily activity. It will be a good choice for gifting this New Year. 

6.  Snake-like Mobile Stand 


Broad uses, car or home mount gadget holder. It can hold any smartphone gadget up to 4.5 inches in width within reasonable weight Long arm holder for full durability and flexibility to any angle, it can be used anywhere from the bed, kitchen, office, desktops,cars,outdoor or indoor.

7. Smartphone Game Pad


2018 was famous becouse of one most popular game named "PUBG". I mean people were crazy about this game. They play it on car, bus while eating, sitting and even on their class and offices. 

But every game is not complete without a game remote and that will be the best gift for anyone. 2019 will welcome us with new amazing games so be ready with a smartphone gamepad. 

  •  So these are 7 amazing tech gifts which you can send to any one. So if you liked them hit a share button now and don't forget to take our newsletter notifications in your email inbox. 
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